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Eagle 3D Streaming Multiplayer Demo

This project is Multiplayer Template Project which demonstrate a small glimpse of that what can be achieved with Unreal Engine and Eagle 3d Streaming platform.


User is presented with Player Selection screen. User can select different Avatars and Name tag which would be visible in the multiplayer environment.


Pixel Streaming Multiplayer

Map: /Content/Virtual_Studio_Kit/Maps/TrackerlessStudio


We have taken Dedicated server approach for this demo.

Dedicated server is being host on our in house system. Ofcourse it is also possible to host this dedicated server on cloud server like AWS, AZURE or GCP.

Client Build is uploaded to the Eagle Streaming Platform. Client is hardcoded to connect to our machine.
This code can be found in Maps/Main map level blueprint.

When the stream starts this code in Client will run and connect to STATIC IP ADDRESS mentioned “Server IP”.


The are lot of resourse available which guides you about the process of packaging a dedicated server build.

Other learning resourse about Multiplayer

Sometime user will see black as screen as shown below.

Black Screen Pixel Streaming Player

This means that the client build is not able to connect to the server. There could be couple of reasons for this, like Dedicated build is not running or Machine where the Dedicated build is running have some issues.

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